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Maori Investments Limited

The Company was incorporated in 1968, in accordance with the Tarawera Forest Act 1967, and was re-registered under the Companies Act 1993 in June 1997. The Company has one wholly owned and controlled subsidiary Tarawera Land Company, which owns the Tarawera Forest. It also has the power of appointment to Nga Maunga Kaitiaki Trust, which owns and manages Maunga Putauaki.

The Company's logo features three maunga. These being Maunga Putauaki (left), Maunga Tarawera (centre), and Maungawhakamana (right).

Each of these three maunga have significant cultural and spiritual value to the local iwi and also form the boundaries of the Tarawera Forest estate.

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  • Core Purpose
  • Vision, Mission & Values
  • Tuhourangi Memorial

TH cmyk

Tena koutou, tena koutou, kia or huihui mai tatou katoa.

Firstly, it is with much pleasure that I have been appointed, as your Chairperson.  I acknowledge the hard work that all my predecessors have put into Maori Investments Limited so that we can all proudly claim our heritage, our taonga tuku iho.

Secondly, may I firmly record your Board of Directors view that our task is to do our very best to ensure that Maori Investments Limited is managed impeccably well and in a fair and unbias manner. 

As our elders remind us:

“He tangata iti, e tipu ana, he toki iti, e iti tonu iho”
A small child will grow, a small adze will always be small.

Tiaki Hunia


TH cmyk


Charlie Elliott

Deputy Chairman

CE cmykCharlie is the Deputy Chair and is Maori Investment Limited’s longest serving director, having been appointed to the Board on 11 December 1999.

His background is in the primary sector, particularly agriculture and dairy farming.


Rev Graham Te Rire


A director of Maori Investments Limited since 16 December 2000,Rev Graham is also actively involved in iwi economic development as the Chair of the Ngati Tuwharetoa (BOP) Settlement Trust and directorship on various holding companies.  

Rev Graham has extensive knowledge of the Tarawera Forest and is also an avid member of the Nga Kaitiaki O Pokohu Hunting Club.  

Rev Graham is a minister of faith.

Te Rauotehuia Chapman-de Vos


Te Rau


Rihi Vercoe









John O'Brien


 John OBrien cmyk 


 Eligibility & Rotational Policy

Each year, Maori Investments Limited calls for nominations to the Board of Directors.  To be eligible to stand for election, each candidate is required to be:

    • a registered shareholder
    • 18 years or over
    • have no convictions for dishonesty related offences, or offences punishable by a term of imprisonment of six months or longer.

The Constitution of Maori Investments Limited permits a minimum of five Directors to be appointed to the Board, and a maximum of seven.  There are currently six (6) Directors appointed to the Board. The term of each Director is three (3) years.  Each Director automatically retires from office at the third annual general meeting of the Company from the time of appointment.  However, those retiring Directors are eligible for re-election at the annual general meeting.

All candidates are required to complete and submit a Director Nomination Form, accompanied by a CV of up to 150 words, and a head and shoulders digital photo.  (Please check the website for the relevant dates).

Nomination papers are available from the Company office situated at Maori Investments House Waterhouse Street, Extension, Kawerau

MIL Group Structure1.1Maori Investments Limited

Maori Investments Limited was formed as provided by the Tarawera Forest Act 1967 to administer the interests of the Maori Land owners whose holdings were amalgamated in the Tarawera Forest.

Tarawera Land Company

Tarawera Land Company is a wholly owned and controlled subsidiary of MIL.

Its primary purpose was to act as the vehicle for the purchase of the Tarawera Forest land from Tarawera Forests Limited. 

Nga Maunga Kaitiaki Trust

Nga Maunga Kaitiaki Trust as of the financial year ending 30 June 2014 is now consolidated into the Group. Maori Investments Limited is its settlor and has identical governance as the parent Company Maori Investments Limited.

The primary purpose of the Trust is the restoration, afforestation and continued maintenance of Mount Putauaki.

Company Background

Maori Investments Limited (MIL) is an asset holding Company which was first incorporated by the Maori Trustee in 1968 in accordance with the Tarawera Forest Act 1967.

Establishment of MIL

Its purpose was to receive all shares and debenture stock that was allotted to the former Maori land owners in the Tarawera Forest.


Maori Investments Limited has issued capital of 128,801 shares, and annually distributes a dividend to approximately 5,500 shareholders. 

Our Company is unique in that shares can only be transferred to blood line relatives of the original 1967 Shareholders, as set out in our Constitution. MIL is not subject to the Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993 and/or the Maori Land Court.

Our Priorities

The priority for the Board of Maori Investments Limited is to grow the asset base of the Company, and to distribute a sustainable dividend to its shareholders while planning for the future.

Our greatest challenge is reducing our contingent liability and locating Missing Shareholders, which currently represents 50% of our Shareholders.


Our Vision

Ko nga moemoea o tenei ra, ka whai hua i nga ra kei mua i a tatou. Ko nga puawaitanga, mo te iwi.

MIL’s vision is to ensure the long term stability of the Company, while searching for opportunities for growth and collaboration.

MIL has three core commitments to its shareholders:

    • To lift economic performance
    • To explore and mobilise the full potential of its lands and resources
    • To collaborate with like-minded values orientated organisations


Our Mission

The Company will realise shareholders aspirations by maximising the potential of its lands and resources, while acting as a guardian of its taonga.

Strategic Focus

    • Growing our assets
    • Exploring higher value use of our lands
    • Sound investment platform
    • Investigate strategic investment into priority sectors
    • Increase organisational efficiencies
    • Progressing WAI 411
    • Increasing communication with our Shareholders

Our Values

To act as a kaitiaki of our taonga for present and future shareholders. And to prudently manage our resources

Tu Pakari
Dedication to a culture of excellence within the Company and willingness to contribute to the local and regional economy

Collaboration and co-operation with like-minded organisations for mutual benefit

To advance the interests of our shareholders

Maori Reservation

In 2010, Tarawera Land Company agreed to a portion of land being transferred out of the Tarawera Forest estate into Maori Investments Limited ownership.

Once this process was complete, an application was then made to the Maori Land Court to have the status of this land changed to a Maori reserve. This was finalised in in June 2010.

The official name of the Maori Reserve is Te Tapuwae Maunga, but is more commonly referred to as the Tuhourangi Memorial.

In November 2010, a commemoration service was held at Te Tapuwae Maunga, and in particular a sacred rock which is known to be the birthplace of Tuhourangi, an eponymous ancestor from Te Arawa.

The commemoration service also recorded the expansion of Te Marangaranga.

Nga Korero Purakau

Deep in the majestic Tarawera Forest on the banks of the Tarawera River, stands a commemorative plaque dedicated to Tuhourangi, son of Rangitihi-Whakahirahira and father of "Nga Pumanawa e Waru o Te Arawa".

The plaque commemorates the birth of Tuhourangi, and was erected by the local iwi. Standing in front of a rock, at the base of the Marangaranga Hill, the plaque was carved by local tohunga, Kaka Niao, who has since passed on.

The rock at which the plaque stands is of great significance in that the pito (placenta) of Tuhourangi is embedded inside of it. The rock is named Marangaranga from which the Hill's name was derived.

The inscription on the plaque reads as follows:

He Whakamaharatanga ki te Whanautanga o Tuhourangi

The Birthplace of Tuhourangi

It is said, that a heavily pregnant Papawharanui and her husband Rangitihi were being pursued by a war party from the Te Tini o Kawerau area.

To give Papawharanui more chance of a safe escape, Rangitihi decided to be a decoy and lead their pursuers away from her.

To improve her chances she decided she needed to have her baby quickly. To aid in the quick birth she lent on a nearby rock at Otaamaka on the slopes of Marangaranga to apply pressure to her puku.

Tuhourangi was born, and Papawharanui carried the baby with the umbilical cord still attached to Potiki-ana-tapu (an opening in the rock) where a branch protruded.

Using the branch she severed the umbilical cord, placed the whenua (placenta) inside the opening, leaving the umbilical cord tied to the branch as a sign for Rangitihi.

Papawharanui then cleansed herself in the waters of Otuhangu (Buddles Creek). She was eventually reunited with Rangithi and his ope taua at Kiore Tahora.

Marangaranga te puke tapu, Otuhangu te wai, Tuhourangi te tangata, Te Arawa te waka.


A ngangara (lizard) lived in the Te Haehaenga area by Tarawera Falls. This ngangara was causing havoc with the people of the area and Tuhourangi decided to confront the ngangara. To his amazement it was a ngangararua (two headed lizard). They fought at Onepoto and Tuhourangi overpowered the ngangararua and killed it.

Uruuru Whenua

To this day, "uruuru whenua" (offerings) are placed on the rock revered to have been the birthplace of Tuhourangi, an eponymous ancestor and paramount chief of Te Arawa.

It is believed that by placing these offerings it will safeguard people in and around the forest from harm and 'unseen forces and energies'.